incorporating both - Representation for US based directors and production service.

With a current roster of over eighty directors, Warped Pictures has established a reputation for excellence and innovation that is revered throughout the industry. Warped Pictures has produced national and international commercial campaigns for Mercedes, VW, BMW, Renault, Audi, Reebok, Bacardi, Wella, Deutsche Post, and many more. Warped Pictures helps Advertising Agencies and Production Companies access the world's best commercial and feature directors from many of the top production companies in the US.

Committed to fulfilling your brief by securing the best available talent for your project. We help to achieve this by Consulting with you through your needs and requirements. The complete diversity of the carefully screened companies and talent we work with and the global scale we operate on makes this service so unique. We provide you with suggestions of the kinds of people we believe would be right for your project covering every visual style and budget. Because of our specialization in high quality international advertising, many other prominent feature filmmakers are available to us for select projects.

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